New EP from Sylphides.

Sylphides has been attacked again with a nuclear bomb, this time it is an EP, where darkness and good harmonies take over these two beings that constitute Sylphides, a perfect mantra between masculine and feminine forces carried to the maximum musical alchemy.

By Manuel Knwell

Link : Sylphides – What is a life

Sylphides – What is a life

Little blonde head _ recorded at home studio 2018.
What is a life _ recorded at home studio 2018.
Tonight _ recordrd live in living room studio january 2018.
Everyone else _ recorded at home studio 2017/2018.

All tracks composed and played by Sylphides.
Treatments electronic, Bass, Guitar, Effects, Voices, Percussions and Noises.

All tracks remasterized by Nicolas Deschamps.

This Ep is the first in a series of 3 EPs.

2018 autoprod.

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