Natalie Bar and Ziv from the IDM project and techno Re-arbeiten – R.I.P.

For me it is very unfortunate news, although I never met them in person, the death of Natalie Bar and Ziv from Re-arbeiten is a tragedy for me, I had a long friendship especially with Natalie online and I was lucky that they made me two remixes. Natalie Bar and Ziv symbolize the true spirit of underground music and a natural talent, a vision and artistic sensitivity that escaped from this narrow world.

Maybe they were not as well known or famous, but that did not matter to them, they had a lot of composed music that they never edited and they took the time to remix different musical projects around the world, very far from the ego and the little solidarity that It is seen in other styles or musicians.

They only sought to channel their energies in the form of alchemy with their music. They were not seeking recognition from the people.

Natalie always had a sarcastic humor and a sharp criticism of the system, they loved Nietzsche until Emil Cioran, the good cinema of Bergman or Tarkovsky, and they had a wide taste in music, from classical music to metal, passing through different styles. They had no borders, but the world did, for me they were misunderstood and undervalued in some way.

I was lucky to interview them years ago, and have long conversations with Natalie, and sometimes through Natalie Ziv’s chat I talk to myself. Wherever you are I want to tell you that I will love you always and while I live I will make known your legacy, while your music is playing you will never leave this world.

Thank you for everything, for your energy, for your music, for your words, for your support towards my work. I have not finished making an electronic version of the album “Lagñá”, I hope that another musician with the vision that you had could do it.

My condolences to their family, friends, musicians who worked with them and all those who love their music. In memory of Natalie Bar and Ziv.

Natalie and Ziv love you!

Manuel Knwell 5/16/2020, Chillán, Chile.



Interview: Ziv (Re-arbeiten)

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