Kasa de Orates: Compilations 2013-2017 and more.

Kasa de Orates celebrates its ten years of existence with two compilations, which compiles the best of the discography that Manuel Knwell has composed during this period of time. The “Opening Portals” compilations I summarizes what has been done within experimental music styles such as: ambient, dark ambient, drone, IDM, techno, Industrial, etc … “Opening Portals” Compilations II”, includes within the styles of ethnic music, ethereal, learned and free jazz.

Most of these compilations have as a mastering engineer the English producer Martin Bowes (Psychic TV, Godflesh, Coil / NIN, Merzbow, etc …), who has recently worked with none other than the great Polish contemporary classic music: Krysztof Penderecki, who have used his music in the seventh art as: The exorcist, Shinning and recently in the 8th episode of the American filmmaker’s series: David Lynch, Twin Peaks. Knwell leader  Kasa de Orates plans to continue working with Bowes, also has a contract for three years on the label of Martin (Two Gods Records), which are to date 8 albums that have been published in digital format by all existing platforms .

Remember that in these compilations great musicians of the international and national scene participate: Serena Toxicat (Protea), Re-arbeiten (Israel), Femii (Lithuania), Ashtoreth (Belgium), Sergio Peralta, Evelyn Fuentes (Ex Los Christianes), Juan Elgueda, Gabriel Varela, Aero VF and Fabian Rubilar.

Knwell is currently working on a disc of spiritual purification ritual music, which will have some surprises in the art of the album and is oriented towards another area that Manuel has been developing for several years, and where he includes instruments of origin: Tibetan, Indian, Mapuche, Aymara and African, which will mix with sounds made by his voice with those of nature, birds and insects. It is expected that by the beginning of 2018 the album will be ready and will be edited through Novutrefall records.

In homage to the great Norwegian painter Edvard Munch with his series “The Madonna”, Knwell has been used on the covers of the compilations two of his series. Remember that Munch was on December 12 commemorating his date of birth (1863). And finally Manuel is recording an album with the famous Norwegian singer and musician of the Black Metal scene: Aldrahn (Bjørn Dencker) vocalist of bands like: Thorns, Dodheimsgard, Zyklon B, The Deathtrip and Urarv, have a theme which lasts 27 minutes which can be heard through Soundcloud, is working on the second song, it is expected that 2018 will be published by a European label in some physical format in addition to digital download.

Compilations Kasa de Orates:

Artwork compilations from Kasa de Orates

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