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Kasa de Orates project led by the Chilean Manuel Knwell has given end to his contract with the English label: Two Gods Records of the legendary musician and producer Martin Bowes (Penderecki/Coil/NIN/Godflesh/Merzbow/Psychic TV, etc…). The reasons are purely for the null time that has had Bowes for the label because it has had a lot of work mastering and also his musical project Attrition has taken a lot of strength, which has led him to play several dates in Europe and has scheduled dates in : USA (including Hawaii) and New Zealand.
Manuel Knwell Thanks Martin Bowes for all his support that has given him in these four years that have worked together since the mastering of the album “Viaje Astral” (2014), which led to Bowes to master several works of Kasa of Orates, which were edited by Bowes’s seal is digital and a compilation of the label in CD format, and hopes to continue working alongside Bowes, either mastering or as a music producer.
Remember that Knwell decided to change the name to Kasa de Orates, since there was a Brazilian progressive rock band with the name Casa de Orates with “C”, and without losing the identity that he has been developing for almost a decade, he decided to leave the name and just change the “C” for the “K”, which has involved a strong job of changing the image of all your albums, videos, links, etc …
Another novelty is that the discs of Kasa of Orates will be going up to the Chilean platform Portal disc, the idea is to upload all the discs that have been edited to Portaldisc, and in addition they are in their bandcamp with plans to edit in CD digipack double the compiled “Opening Portal’s I and II “, the idea is that these discs have worldwide distribution, and for that Knwell is already working on it.
Kasa of Orates is composing a disc with the Belgian musician Patrick Masson of the project Sylphides, already there is a song which is ready, with the name of: “Possession” and which will be released in a compilation of the Netlabel of Masson: God Hates God records. Two songs have also been composed with the legendary Norwegian musician and singer of the scene of black Metal: Aldrahn (Thorns, DHG, Zyklon B, etc…) and is expected to finish this year.
On the other hand Knwell has finished the project Nada, which was formed with Fabian Rubilar, and has taken the album Nada 03, which was composed by Knwell and edited under the name of Kasa Orates. He has also composed in recent years several albums such as: Tzantza, Huívlu Mapu, Machitún, Leuku, Abyss, Wekufe, Gaia, the music of the spheres and the time lost in the industry and reissued old material as: Mensaje del niño negro, La obra oculta, music for Butoh and Delirium, the last discs cover the ethnic music ritualistica minimal, Industrial and the dark ambient and the ancient ones from the drone, avantgarde metal, noise, etc…
Remember that Knwell has been working with two Russian artists: Anastasia Karelia and Mary Gorbunova, and have also collaborated with the edition: Cristina Arancibia Brecht, Gonzalo de Lara Yañez, Nani Volta and Pablo Leal.

Remember that Knwell started playing in a punk band in the 80s called Los buitres (87 ′), which was the second punk band in Chile where he sang a woman (Paula Jaramillo). Knwell has participated in several musical projects as a drummer from the Hard Rock (Betty Blue), Death Metal (Heretic), progressive metal (Angel de la luz), and others of heavy metal, doom metal (Hidden) and progressive Rock’n’Roll (Spiralmind), which decanted Kasa of Orates the year 2009, moving away from traditional rock and battery formations, to be able to compose from another gaze and breaking paradigms throughout the surrounding environment by being editor of the extreme Metal magazine: Grinder magazine, and advancing faster in what I had created ago more than a decade ago, in the 90 ′s under a strong influence of bands such as: Laibach, Dead can Dance, Tangerine dreams, Tomita, Devil Doll, King Diamond, Morbid Angel, Black Sabbath, Aghast, Sophia, Arcana, Peccatum And a large part of the Swedish Cold Meat Industry label catalog.

Just now in April they celebrate the five years of having edited their first book, called: “Sin dolor no hay esperanza”, which was a compendium of stories, Tales, poems and aphorisms, the idea was only to express what Knwell felt in those times that were chaotic and Dark, in addition the book came with ten illustrations (Nicolas Hidalgo), photos and a CD pro. Knwell is writing two books, one of his autobiography and the other is stories and tales, and want to edit another book with the best interviews he has done for more than twenty years to bands and artists both foreign and Chilean as: Morbid Angel (USA), Nocturnus (USA), Silvio Paredes (Electrodomesticos), Serena Toxicat (Protea), Marcial Ayala (Peruvian Painter), Raffaele Pezzella (Italy / Sonologyst), Peter Verwimp (Belgium / Emptiness & Ashtoreth), Re- Arbeiten (Israel), Patrick Masson (Belgium / Sylphides), Miguel Conejeros (F600 / Parkinson / Pinochet Boys), Jaime Rodriguez (Spain), Nada (Chile / Spain), Martin Bowes (UK / Attrition), Melampus (Italy), Vasco Viviani (Switzerland), José Joaquín Vallejo (Criminal / Bella & Putana / Kanatran), Femii (Lithuania), Catalina Vicens (Chile / Clavichordist), Silvia Kastel (Italy), Aghora (USA), Calmcorder ( Norway), Kim Solve (Norway), Fleurety (Norway), Aldrahn (Norway / Thorns / DHG / Zyklon), Apocryphal Voice (Finland), Cronico (Mexico), Confessor (USA), Atrox (Norway), Code (UK) / Norway), Ramón Catalán (Chile / conductor and pianist), Iovi Dianas (Chile) and Carl Michael Eide (Norway / Ved buens ende / Virus / Cadaver).

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