Ten months after its premiere, the independent label Sevendipia Records continues the journey with the publication of Algorythm. The work produced by the multifaceted artist Microfeel will be released in September. The álbum will be composed of our issues that cut through the two seven-inch vinyl which, once again, will be the protagonist of an limited edition to one hundred copies that will look the artistic work of Silica.

Algorythm is forged through the study made by Sebastián Seifert on the use of random algorythms in musical creation. These styling features of the digital universe plays with our wills from a magical orb that Microfeel adapts and shows in his sound productions. Using functions and programmed random sequences, have performed experiments that after its metamorphosis have given us the tracks which can be heard

on this EP.

The rhythm of the algorythm and the constant references to samples that the producer has recorded during his recent trip to Asia, make up the oneiric landscape of random- 42, the industrial air that fly over cyclos, the environmental classicism of iris and the epic techno-chord offered in render5D. Multiform set that is complete with the single random-72, theme used for the promotional video clip made together with the

Donostia producer TheKrowFilms.

Microfeel defines himself as multimedia explorer, music producer and designer of media. Besides being a tireless traveller through the world in search of the extension of concepts to enhance his artistics conditions. Mutek, Sónar, Sziget and numerous cultural and unusual spaces have been the stages of a career with no point of return. The artist combines perfectly emotions and textures to deliver environments and

experimental sounds that causes irreversible trance to listeners.

Pads, reverbs and effects to complete an epic tale that could well became the soundtrack for the next axiomatic fantasy of Grey Egan, mastered in the clandestine

laboratory of Pedro Pina.

Fortuitously we discovered the story of “Arabian night” where is narrated “The three princes of Serendip” of Persian origin and it was its magic that gave meaning to our search. And will be this unexpected finding that will connect our world with the

passoniate adventure of 7D Records.

Available through bandcamp and main digital platforms.
Release, 14 of September of 2018

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