Manuel Knwell has an extensive musical career, his most important milestones are to have signed for British label, Two Gods Records that belong to the prestigious producer and musician Martin Bowes (Coil, NIN, Nick Cave, Godflesh, Merzbow, Psychic TV, etc.). Manuel has already edited seven discs with Two Gods, being his most outstanding albums: “Music to an Interior Film “(2015),” Lagñá Part. III “(2015),” Dlebarbaiec “(2012) and” Astral Travel “(2013) all are already available on digital platforms like: Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. He also published a book titled “No pain … no hope” (2013), which is Illustrated with photographs and comes with a CD, using different aspects of arts in general to create a unique conceptual work with his own label called Novutrefall Records and also forms four more musical projects: Nada (along with fellow musician Fabian Rubilar), Antahkarana, Dual and Las gónadas de Nietzsche.

Antahkarana is a healing music project. Manuel Knwell is being recognised locally and internationally, he was interviewed by main local media: Rockaxis and also by specialized press in Europe and Mexico.

In Europe he have edited songs for compilations in Italy, Germany and, UK; had the honor of working with Spanish visual artists like Rafael Lindem, César Naves and Jaime Rodríguez and is composing incidental music for a Spanish horror film this 2017. For the past few months Manuel have been editing for Hell Seb’s Electronic Netlabel & Patrick Masson, God hates god records (Belgium). He plans to make a record with the pipe organ of the cathedral of Chillán, make a record with Peter Verwimp, and another with norwegian black metal musician Aldrhan. Among his projects is musicalize seven poems of Poet and narrator Camilo Ortiz. Manuel was recently Nominated with the album “Music to an interior film” as best electronic music disc at the Pulsar awards 2016.