The Sylphides (Belgium) and Kasa de Orates (Chile) projects have come together to create an album, which has the name: “Sylphides & Kasa de Orates Projekt”. This album was born after years of Patrick Masson and Manuel Knwell exchange ideas about their projects and naturally both decided to edit this album, which was published under the netword God hate god records and Novutrefall records digitally and in a few more months edited in digipack CD format through God hate god records and Novutrefall records, the distribution will be made in Europe.

The process of creation of the disc was of interchange of ideas and tracks that Knwell had kept for years and especially some that he recorded in Perú, including in Machupichu and three songs that Knwell sent to Patrick, the rest was done by Masson, either the editing, mixing and recording of other tracks and arrangements, being the musical producer Patrick, the mastering will be in charge of: Hell Seb.

The album: “Sylphides & Kasa de Orates Projekt” will have 14 songs which cover many styles within the electronic and experimental as: industrial music, ambient, IDM, Noise, Drone, Experimental, Ethnic, etc … a disc full of nuances for those looking for different sounds what they usually hear.

Remember that the Sylphides Belgian project is formed by Patrick Masson and Laurence Lemoine, the latter participates in some songs with his hypnotic voice giving a more organic to music.

The art of the album: “Sylphides & Kasa de Orates Projekt” was made by the painter and curator of Russian art: Mary Gorbunova, and the edition of the graphic was made with the designer and artist Alvaro Cabello. Remember that both artists have collaborated for Kasa de Orates, Alvaro with two clip videos and Mary with many covers that she has passed to Kasa de Orates for use on their covers.

Artwork “Sylphides & Kasa de Orates Projekt”:

Photo Manuel Knwell (Kasa de Orates) by Cristobal Barrientos.


Artwork, painting by Mary Gorbunova


Instagram: @marryartist


Kasa de Orates:

Álvaro Cabello:

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